Visit to Southeast Asia and Japan

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May 1, 2013 by Rokman61

In March – April of 2013, I had the unprecedented opportunity to visit several different Asian countries.  My good friend George had occasion to travel to Japan, and invited me to come along.  In addition, we signed up for a Birding Tour (*) with destinations to southern Vietnam and Cambodia, thus providing exposure to three different countries and cultures.  I will be posting several blog instalments that will illustrate some of what we encountered.

The blogs will make no attempt to chronicle a day-by-day account of our adventures or details of the tour and venues.  Instead I will present almost random tidbits of what intrigued me most – and/or what I happened to get some photos of.   I hope you will find something of interest.

* For the record: the tour we joined was operated by ‘Eagle-Eye Tours’, a small western Canadian company that specializes in bird-oriented excursions around the world.  There were six participants, three of us from BC, plus three American birders.  The tour was lead by Richard Knapton, co-owner of Eagle-Eye.  Boa Nyguyen, a Vietnamese national, was our local guide and organized the logistics.  Additional local guides accompanied our group for most of the time we were in Cambodia.  All aspects of the tour – including itinerary, food, and lodging, were handled very well, and I highly recommend the experience.

So . . . . away we go!

CGio prep Nam 2013.03 i1317


The next six blog instalments describe some of what we saw and experienced. 


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