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Those who are familiar with blogs probably know a lot more about how to navigate them than I do.  For the rest of us dinosaurs, here are a few pointers on how to find and view things.  I have tried to keep it simple, in keeping with my present skills.

When you opened this site, in the wide left column you saw the most recent posting that has been ‘published’ on-line.  Immediately below the site title bar (and also at the top of the narrow column on the right) is where you see several clickable ‘Pages’, such as this Viewing page (which you are reading) and the About page.  Below ‘Pages’ on right are lists of all the postings I have ‘published’ to date.

Each post has been assigned to one of several ‘categories’ (in right-hand column) that will more-or less reflect the general subject material.  Clicking on a category will bring up only postings related to that subject.

When viewing the photos, you can click on them to get a larger version.  If viewing on a big monitor, a second click may further enlarge the image to full size.  Return to the blog the same way you would go back a page – either click your back arrow, or sweep left on your track pad or smart mouse (depending on which browser you are using).

If you want to receive email notices of new postings, you can ‘activate’ this by clicking on the box at bottom right.  This email will not contain the entire blog – only the first few lines with a link to the rest of the blog.  If you are concerned about getting too much stuff in your mailbox please note that I have no intention of putting out numerous blogs of day-to-day activities, and new postings will likely appear perhaps once a month.

I hope to gradually add some of my older journals.  These will appear in the blog sequence according to their original dates (which will be shown at the top of the post).  They will appear in the lists at right, and their titles should give some indication of what and when.   Look for them if you wish.


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